In Memory
Anton and Anna

The Skurdal's


From the Fjords of Norway to the Plains of North Dakota to the World Wide Web;
What a Long Strange Trip It's Been!

What you will find here depends on why you're here. If you are a family member we hope that you feel more connected because of this site. It can be a real pain to be far from the ones you love.

Now, if you are not a family member and just kinda sorta stopped by, well, we're glad you're here and we hope you find something as well.

Well, you're here. Now What? That's a good question. I suppose we should give you an idea
of what's here and where it's at, because No Matter Where You Go, There You Are! Of course, we could just say "Hey, are you Norwegian or what eh? There's a MENU on the left side of this page for Pete's sake". But we don't know who Pete is and why should we make a menu just for him anyway?

Recipes Need something special for that next family get together? Well buy a cookbook or call your mom. Seriously, there are some pretty tasty fixin's here. If you don't find something that suits your fancy, well "Country Kitchen is just down the road y'know"
Humor A few items to make you laugh, hopefully; like, How (but not why) Lutefisk became a delicacy, or Yah, Y'betcha you're from North Dakota when.
Photo's Uff Duh! You mean we have to explain this too? You must be a Norske.
Links We know, this should be part of the recipe section but it's not so get over it eh? Check it out, we Double Dare ya.
History A little bit about us, where we came from and where we're going. OK so we lied, we don't know where we're going or how we're going to get there.
Reunions Just a little info on past and future family outings.
Resources This is for family members only. You need a Password to gain access. Or, you could just say "Yah Sure Y'betcha" three times really fast with your mouth full of lefse, kinda works like Dorothy and her red shoes. Or NOT!
Search Some search engines for your convenience.

If you have ideas, comments or suggestions we would love to hear them! A web site is one
place where too many cooks Won't Spoil The Broth. You can let us know by informing our webmaster or signing our Guest Book or by filling out our Feedback Form.

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